Step Up From Collaborating To Co-Authoring In MS Word 2016

It took them long enough but the folks in Redmond have finally made real-time co-author editing part of Microsoft Word. If you’re an Office 365 user and haven’t upgraded to Office 2016, you should hop on that ASAP and if you’re not a subscription user, then this feature alone is worth the cost of an Office 2016 upgrade. If you’re a Google doc user, you’ve enjoyed the benefits of real-time collaborative document editing for some time but Microsoft pushes the bar a bit higher with their new co-authoring tools; meaning multiple users … Read more

Give Your Consent To Shorter Board Meetings

If there is one thing people hate, it is long, protracted board meetings. It may well be one of the factors keeping you from establishing a quorum at meetings. One of the easiest solutions is to implement a consent agenda. What that does is package routine items like committee reports; financial reports; staff hires requiring approval; items needing no discussion, but requiring board approval, into one agenda item. With a single vote, the board disposes of business that may have taken up over a half hour of a meeting. Dr. Les Wallace … Read more

Using Hashtags for Audience Engagement

On social media, hashtags are one of the most powerful thing you can utilize in your marketing campaign.  Not only can they make your content easier to find in a search, but they can create a great opportunity for audience engagement.  Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas on how to use hashtags to their fullest potential at your arts organization.  And they’re all FREE! Create one hashtag for your organization that you can use year after year and for any event. Just like any branding campaign, consistency is the name of … Read more