A Universe of Resources

In an earlier post about “flybys” I used a brand new image of Pluto from NASA. Did you know that nearly everything in NASA’s archive of images, videos, audio, animations (and more!) are freely available for use, completely royalty free? This is an incredible resource for science, space, or sci-fi related productions, like a performance of Holst’s The Planets (as an obvious example). A great place to start is NASA ArtSpace for links to various collections, including those from other agencies such as the European Space Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, … Read more

Treating Volunteers Like Donors

Like many people in arts organizations, I get to wear many hats in my job.  One of my favorites is that of volunteer coordinator.  Each season, we rely on over 100 volunteers to help our small staff do big work. As I was gearing up for volunteer sign-ups and making some changes to the program, Vu Le’s July, 2015 blog post “Volunteers and the Bahn Mi of Social Justice” came through my inbox. In his post, Vu talks about how nonprofits, many of whom couldn’t do their work without volunteers, are often … Read more

There’s More Than One Way To Hack The Arts

ArtsHacker currently includes a mix of original articles and aggregated posts (content that points out a useful resource elsewhere but ties it into arts management) but sometimes we run across items that would be useful to arts managers but only need a sentence or two description; and although a blog post that long is just silly, it’s an ideal length for Facebook and Twitter. To that end, we started posting these micro-ArtsHacks items of note on Facebook and Twitter earlier this week, which means you have one more good reason to Like … Read more

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