Gen X

Don’t Ignore Gen X!!!

It’s not easy being a Gen Xer. Our generation tends to be overlooked in the world of marketing. I like to give my millennial colleague and fellow ArtsHacker author Sarah Marczynski a (jokingly) hard time for writing all of her millennial posts. But it’s not just she that is taking on a focus of this massive generational cohort. It’s everyone! The media, the marketers, the demographers. It really got me thinking that so many arts organizations are putting SO much focus on finding the Millennial audience that they’ve completely overlooked us Gen Xers. After … Read more

Shape Perception on Instagram Like a Stylist (Content Marketing, Part 1)

Classical music is not known for being visually driven for obvious reasons. What if that notion changed amongst artists associated with the classical industry? What if they began thinking like a fashion stylist or a visual merchandiser? How would it change the perception of their public brand on platforms such as Instagram? Below I briefly explore the idea of using select fashion industry Instagram accounts as inspiration for what is possible with a classical musician’s own account. I find continuous inspiration on Instagram from following “social influencers” in the fashion industry. With … Read more

Lending Your Tenor

If only they came and saw our art, they would be hooked for life. This is one of those commonly voiced assumptions that is untrue. Some people need more than one interaction, often with diverse artistic expressions, before they become interested and invested in the arts. For some it doesn’t ever happen. Obviously, there are some that are hooked at first sight. While the problem arts organizations face is often stated in terms of “how do we get them to come to our event,” there are a couple programs that focus on … Read more