Capturing the Elusive Millennial Ticket Buyer

Capturing the Elusive Millennial Ticket Buyer

In at least three meetings this summer, the conversation has shifted toward millennials and their ticket-buying/donation making tendencies.  We’re a hot topic in lots of organizations, but most especially in high-culture art organizations.  Arts Marketing Directors across the nation can be seen shaking their fists and crying “Where are you millenials???” A June, 2015 article in the Sports Business Journal (no, don’t quit reading; there’s useful information to be had) details how millennials are putting traditional ticket strategies to the test. The article highlights in particular where millennials are changing traditional sports event … Read more

security practices

How To Manage Online Security Like A Pro (spoiler: it’s easier than you think)

Online security is a big deal. Check that, it’s a really big deal and far too often, arts orgs and their managers don’t take as much time as they should to protect themselves and their institution. published a fascinating post by Whitson Gordon on 7/25/2015 that examines the results from some recent research by Google into security practices employed by security experts and non-security professionals. Google asked respondents about their habits and practices for remaining safe online and although there’s some overlap between both groups, experts make use of a few … Read more

Lead Generation for Single Tickets

If you’re like most performing arts organizations, you have long stretches of time each year when not all of your tickets are on sale.  Whether that means that you put events on sale on a rolling schedule, or if you sell subscriptions first and then put all of your single tickets on sale later, you know what I mean. Here at Palm Beach Opera, we happened upon a great way to capture the information of people who want to purchase single tickets during the months when they’re not on sale.  The best … Read more

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