Get To Know Zapier: Your Ultimate Connectivity Swiss Army Knife

If you or your organization have ever attempted to connect or sync data between mutually exclusive apps and software, you likely know the heartache that is dealing with APIs, or application program interfaces, the language that allows one piece of software to communicate with another. Fortunately, there is a growing movement within the tech industry that has given birth to the app automation service provider. In this instance, when we use the term “app” we ...

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How To Transform Ticket Buyer Data Into Useful Insights

With any ticketing system, we have access to a lot of data.  Unfortunately, not all ticketing systems can spit that data back out in useful ways.  Most reports are rather standard and can be exported to Excel but not everyone is an Excel guru that can turn all of that data in to useful insights about ticket buyer behavior. Last season, when faced with a ton of raw data in the form of ticket buyer lists ...

Nine Practices for Building Arts Audiences - Wallace Foundation

Nine Effective Practices for Building Arts Audiences

A few months ago, the Wallace Foundation presented a forum with NEA Chair Jane Chu (who I absolutely think is a rock star diva) and 3 other arts leaders talking about building arts audiences.  Some great, great thoughts to ponder and takeaways (“Creativity doesn’t stop at the stage, but continues into the administration” ~ Robert Battle; “Honor the individual, your participation matters” ~ James Houghton). Check out the conversation on twitter using #buildingartsaudiences. Pre-conversation though, ...

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