Can’t Afford Custom Reporting Tools? Then Take A Look At This.

Can’t Afford Custom Reporting Tools? Then Take A Look At This Option From Zapier.

There are some really terrific turn-key products to use for creating a wealth of custom reports not to mention an ever-growing list of providers capable of creating custom reports for dedicated platforms. But what are you supposed to do if those are all out of budgetary reach? Until recently, your only option was to acquire some skills and code those options yourself, but that’s all beginning to change. We took a look at the connectivity ...

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Get To Know Zapier: Your Ultimate Connectivity Swiss Army Knife

If you or your organization have ever attempted to connect or sync data between mutually exclusive apps and software, you likely know the heartache that is dealing with APIs, or application program interfaces, the language that allows one piece of software to communicate with another. Fortunately, there is a growing movement within the tech industry that has given birth to the app automation service provider. In this instance, when we use the term “app” we ...

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