Instagram Change Notification

Getting Into Instagram’s New Algorithm Rhythm

If you’ve been following ArtsHacker’s recent exploration of Instagram, you’re already well on your way to making the most of this very visual social media tool. And change being the only thing you can rely on these days, Instagram recently announced they will be implementing an algorithm to show users posts they are “most interested in” first, rather than in strict chronological order. This is in the same vein as how Facebook (and now Twitter, kinda-sorta) re-orders the timeline feed you see as a user, which is unsurprising considering the increasing usage … Read more

An Arts Managers Guide To Instagram What You Need To Know About Filters

Instagram for Arts Orgs: What You Need To Know About Filters

Once you’ve got your Instagram account set up and have made goals and content decisions, now, you’ll need to start posting pictures to your profile. This is the fun part. Like other social media and mobile phone cameras, the Instagram app gives users the opportunity to edit their pictures and to add filters to pictures, which are pre-determined and set combinations of various photographic settings.  A theater’s light board has one set level that makes the stage go dark and another set level that brings up floodlights…it’s the same thing here, but with your pictures … Read more