Swap Ideas

Looking for Social Media Content? Try A Swap!

Wired reporter Liz Stinson published a February, 2016 article about the February 2 #MuseumInstaSwap where 18 visual arts museums in New York City swapped social media content for the day. Most organizations are all about promoting their own exhibits/performances/artists on their social media platforms…nothing wrong with that.  But, this InstaSwap gave museums the opportunity to find common threads between their own collection and their partner organization’s collection.  And, I suspect, was a great opportunity to cultivate new audiences for both organizations. Each of the 18 museums was paired with another museum in the city … Read more


Hootsuite: Scheduling Stress Free Social Media

Following up on my recent piece on building social media editorial calendars, it is wise to schedule all of your content using Hootsuite. While other platforms exist, I have found this useful for my purposes in managing clients’ social media. Creating content is time consuming, but the “annoying” aspect of social media is regularly posting. If you post at the wrong time or forget to post at all, it probably will not move your brand forward as it could. So, Hootsuite rescues us. Here are three platforms highlighted for stress-free social media … Read more

How To Build Social Media Editorial Calendars

Planning content for social media should be a priority, but it is often left at the bottom of a to-do list. I think many arts managers would agree that having a focused plan unveiling their organization or artist’s content is the preferred method, but with the many pressures of office work it does not get done. One remedy that I have found helpful is a seasonal and weekly editorial calendar. The seasonal calendar plots out the overall trajectory of your social channels during a defined period of time, while the weekly editorial … Read more