The Next Generation of American Giving by Blackbaud

Reaching the Next Generation of American Giving

I sat in an Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) luncheon recently discussing different generational traits from the four generations currently in the work force and how best to market to, work with, and, since it was AFP, how to raise money from them. The speaker showed Blackbaud’s The Next Generation of American Giving before his presentation and I thought it was a great visualization of generational traits and trends. Blackbaud has also produced a full report detailing and further breaking down generational giving trends.

Reaching Millennial Donors

Are you tired of hearing about millenials yet? Since we’re the next generation of donors, audience members, volunteers you might just get used to us. If my Facebook feed says anything, we are single handedly responsible for bringing pumpkin spice lattes back in September. We’re not all that bad. In fact, we’re actually learning to be pretty good and generous.  According to the Millennial Impact Report, nearly 40% of us gave amounts between $1-50, and another 23% gave at $51-100 levels to a nonprofit in 2012. Sure we don’t fit the current … Read more

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