The Musician’s Guide to Public Speaking

Many of us arts admin types were performing artists in a former life. So when we get called upon to speak to patrons/donors/staff/colleagues/board members, we welcome the opportunity to be in front of people, right? Uh, right… If you find yourself a reluctant spokesperson for your company or brand, I encourage you to use your musician chops to shape and polish your public speaking skills. Embrace the Silence Was it Debussy who reminded us that music is the “silence between the notes?” We all know how to honor rests in our music-making. … Read more

2015 resolutions

5 Resolutions for ’15

By now you’re fully back in the post-holiday work groove, but it’s never too late to make (or follow through) on some 2015 resolutions to make sure that groove doesn’t become a rut. With the sense that there’s probably always room for improvement in these areas, here are 5 resolutions we can all get behind in 2015: 1. Adopt the Email Charter Yeah, I know – I mentioned this in my Christmas Wish List too. But these 10 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral go a long way to making each day … Read more

The Arts Manager’s Christmas Wish List

Ok, we know – budgets are always tight in the non-profit arts sector, but we can dream, right? Fellow ArtsHacker Drew McManus put together his letter to Santa over at Adaptistration, and here’s my last minute wish-list this year: Adobe Creative Cloud membership Maybe it’s just me, but having the latest and greatest software and hardware does make me feel good. (I wouldn’t turn down a new 5K iMac either, if Santa’s feeling generous…) Coffee AKA “Lifeblood” AKA “The only reason the season brochure gets done on time” An Email Free Day I’m the … Read more