Website Policies Which Ones You Need And Why They Matter

Website Policies: Which Ones You Need And Why They Matter

Although they may not seem terribly sexy, website policies are an extremely important part of an arts organization’s online presence and the types of activities you provide at your site will determine which policies you need and what they should address. Types Of Policies And Determining Which Ones You Need Although there are numerous types of policies related to online activity, they aren’t always applicable to arts organizations. For example, you probably won’t need policies geared toward Software as a Service (Saas) or End-User License (EULA) offerings, just know that level of … Read more

Promoting From Nothing

Promoting From Nothing

As most arts people know, promoting a new event or program can be very difficult when you don’t have any existing photos, video footage, or even past text on which to rely. All of this must be generated from scratch to launch an effective marketing campaign. You can’t recycle anything from the past because it’s a first-time, brand new event. How do you create something from nothing on a very limited budget? The tips below are for small arts organizations or larger ones wishing to cut back on costs. When promoting a … Read more

Google Fi Groups

Google Fi Update: Group Plans!

Last May, we took a close look at Google’s Project Fi and it’s potential for being a high quality, low cost cellular provider capable of introducing much needed communication options for arts organizations. At that time, Google only offered individual plans, which was admittedly a drawback if you wanted to manage several user plans under a single billing account. Fortunately, Google launched a new group plan option in late 2016 that allows you to add additional users to an existing plan at a cost of $15 per user. Group Overview You can … Read more