Google Fi Groups

Google Fi Update: Group Plans!

Last May, we took a close look at Google’s Project Fi and it’s potential for being a high quality, low cost cellular provider capable of introducing much needed communication options for arts organizations. At that time, Google only offered individual plans, which was admittedly a drawback if you wanted to manage several user plans under a single billing account. Fortunately, Google launched a new group plan option in late 2016 that allows you to add ...

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Project Fi Account Billing And Support

Google’s Project Fi Could Be An Arts Manager’s New Best Friend

Using your personal cell phone for work in no fun. But that’s the reality for most arts managers inside a field where having a chair with four legs of equal length is a mid-career milestone! Major cellular carriers routinely conspire to keep prices high and over the course of 2015, they ushered in a new reality of increasingly convoluted plans and contracts. Fortunately, Google decided to throw its hat into the cellular provider ring and ...

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