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Why We Need To Be Okay With Millennials Managing Upwards

With 53.5 million Millennials in the workplace, chances are very high that you have come across one at work. You probably have some working in the office next to you. A February 2016 article on The Next Web (TNW) focuses on how businesses should be accepting and adapting to millennial’s use of technology in the workplace and be looking for ways to incorporate their tech-savviness. The article has interesting conclusions on that front, but it leads to ...

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So You Attended a Conference. Now What?

One of the great things about ArtsHacker is that when contributors present at conferences (like Drew McManus and Ceci Dadisman recently did about Google Analytics), they can easily point attendees back to our website full of practical tips and tricks to help them put knowledge into practice. But it’s not always so easy to adopt a new concept once the conference high wears off and the the daily grind kicks in. Fortunately, Hélio Vogas at ...


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Is Your Non-Profit Subject To Open Meeting Laws?

Did you know that your non-profit organization has to allow anyone to attend your board and committee meetings and turn over copies of your minutes upon demand? Or maybe you don’t. Open meeting and freedom of information laws differ from state to state and determining exactly how much access you are required to allow people to have to your meetings and records can be very confusing. Every state with open government or “sunshine” laws requires ...



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