ArtsHacker’s Guide To Podcasting: Hardware

Starting a podcast can open a lot of doors for your arts organization.  Over 46 million Americans are now listening to podcasts on a monthly basis.  The rise of smartphones has enabled people to easily consume podcasts while driving, working out, or cleaning the kitchen; moments for which audio is perfect. The best time to start a podcast was five years ago.  The second best time is right now.  The format is exploding in popularity.  Obama ...

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Here Are Some Secret Weapons That Will Get Rid Of Frustrating Copy Paste Formatting Problems With Online Content

Here Are Some Secret Weapons That Will Get Rid Of Frustrating Copy/Paste Formatting Problems With Online Content

Are you responsible for managing your organization’s online content? If so, then you likely know the pain that comes with copy/paste formatting problems. You copy text from a source file but when you paste it into your content management system, the formatting is all wrong or worse, basic keyboard commands don’t seem to work (“why is the enter key only giving me a line break instead of a paragraph break!?!”). Fortunately, we’re going to look ...

Guest Author Archive

New: Guest Author Archive!

Following the success of our inaugural guest author post from Capacity Interactive’s Erik Gensler on 4/8/2016, we’re very happy to announce that we have more authors in store! Expanding on the knowledgebase of our existing ArtsHackers, the guest author posts will feature hacks from a wide variety of professionals, each sharing his/her highly focused expertise on an assortment of topics that will make you a more efficient and happy arts manager. We don’t want to spoil ...

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