Podcasting Distribution

ArtsHacker’s Guide to Podcasting: Distribution

We covered hardware and software in the previous two installments of this podcasting series. Today we dive into distribution for your podcast, which is perhaps the most complicated of the three topics. This is an in-depth post with a lot of technical terminology.  I have hyperlinked many terms for further reading, but feel free to email me at doublebassblog@mac.com if you’d like any further clarification about any of the steps described here. Part I: Publishing Podcast ...

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User Explorer Hero

Did You Know Google Started Providing Individual User Interaction Data?

At the beginning of April, 2016 Google quietly rolled out a new feature inside Google Analytics (GA) that takes the first step in a direction they’ve resisted traveling but marketers and metrics pros have been screaming for: individual user tracking. Here’s how Google describes the feature. A new set of reports in Google Analytics lets you perform analysis of anonymized individual interactions with your websites and apps. User Explorer utilizes existing anonymous Google Analytics data ...

musical instrument icons

Free Music Icons For Your Website

Every so often the folks at Smashing Magazine offer their readers free icon sets, or in other words, high quality vector graphics of a particular theme, in a variety of styles and formats. On May 5th they posted a link to a set many of you might find useful: Musical Instrument Icons designed by IconCrafts. Whether for your website, app or even signage, you’re going to want to grab these for your library of assets, even ...

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