Arts Hacker Year in Review 2015

Today Marks Arts Hacker’s One Year Anniversary!

Hard to believe it’s been a full year since ArtsHacker’s launch but today marks the one-year mark since the inaugural post on December 7, 2014. And to celebrate, we took our own advice and put together a special Year In Review page that chronicles our highlights, provides all sorts of stats, and takes a look back at risk, reward, and growth. In the end, ArtsHacker is only worth the value you assign and all of these efforts are for naught without engaged and passionate readers so thank you for not only visiting, but finding … Read more

Golden Circle Concept

Generation Why

While the “Golden Circle” probably sounds like one of your mid to high end donor categories (depending on whether or not you have platinum, diamond, and dilithium levels), it’s also a a concept by author Simon Sinek that’s all about starting with the question “why?”, noting that many companies start their marketing with “what” they’re selling (i.e, events), then decide “how” to sell them, and may never even get to the “why”. Instead, he suggests putting the “why” at the heart and moving outwards from there. In How to Apply the ‘Golden Circle’ … Read more

Track Your Offline Marketing In Google Analytics In 5 Easy Steps

One of my last slides in the Google Analytics session at the NAMP (National Arts Marketing Project) conference touched on tracking offline marketing. It was a quick mention without going into the details. But it solicited a lot of *mind-blown* responses. So I wanted to take a minute and describe in detail how to set it up. But first, let me show you a scenario in which it might be used. Let’s say you have a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth coming up. You are running a print ad in the local paper, … Read more

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