Fingerprint And Face ID Authentication FINALLY Comes To Lastpass

One of the first lines of defensive in a good cybersecurity hygiene is maintaining strong passwords. Technically, May 2, 2019 was national password day but it’s never too late to indulge in some improved security measures. One of the best favors you can do for yourself is use a password manager, like the one from (they have free and paid versions), which we reviewed in an article from 2016. While LastPass has been my go-to password manager for years, it did have one well known pain point in that if you … Read more

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How To Manage Online Security Like A Pro (spoiler: it’s easier than you think)

Online security is a big deal. Check that, it’s a really big deal and far too often, arts orgs and their managers don’t take as much time as they should to protect themselves and their institution. published a fascinating post by Whitson Gordon on 7/25/2015 that examines the results from some recent research by Google into security practices employed by security experts and non-security professionals. Google asked respondents about their habits and practices for remaining safe online and although there’s some overlap between both groups, experts make use of a few … Read more