How I Got 20 People To Sign Up For Our Email List In Less Than 48 hours

27shares 11Share on Facebook 4Share on Twitter 10Share on LinkedIn 1 1It has always been a bit of a struggle for me to get large numbers of sign-ups for our email list through our website.  I never took it personally because I understand that people’s inboxes are full already before they get my engaging and super interesting emails about Palm Beach Opera. However, we’ve moved to a new email marketing system (dotmailer which I LOVE) which has really powerful automation features and we needed to get some new people on our list. … Read more

Activate Search Tracking

Activate Search Tracking: Another Change To Google Analytics Anyone Can Do (and everyone should)

81shares 5Share on Facebook 74Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 0 0Knowing what visitors are searching for at your site is one of the most useful metrics you have to tweak content, adjust navigation architecture, and improve conversion but by default, Google Analytics (GA) does not track visitor searches. So even though you may notice the default menu item for Site Search via your Reporting admin panel, don’t be surprised if you pop in and see a metrics big goose egg staring back at you. Activating Site Search Go to your GA … Read more


Teamwork Is More Than It’s Cracked Up to Be

9shares 3Share on Facebook 3Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 1 0As “non-profit-teers”, we have to do more with less. That’s underselling it I know, yet it’s a daily reality of the job. This isn’t something we lament, it’s a fact of our jobs that inspires us. It pushes us to use creativity and collaboration to be more and be better than we are today and it charges the efforts of our organizations to ascend to new and greater heights. My fellow ArtsHacker Sarah Marcynski penned a fantastic post titled, 10 Ways to … Read more

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