Yes, Print Does Still Matter

Just today, new findings from a Temple University study have been released showing that paper still has power.  More specifically, that our brains react to and retain content that we have consumed on paper differently than digital. Roger Dooley has published a great summary article on 7/8/2015 about the findings on his always interesting Neuromarketing Blog. A couple of the key takeaways are below but I highly recommend that you take a few moments to read the post for the full information. “Even where print remains an important medium, of course, an exceptionally … Read more


Exploring the Far Corners

By now you’ve seen the amazing images of everyone’s favourite ninth member of the solar system dwarf planet Pluto from NASA’s New Horizons mission. Their probe travelled 3 billion miles over a period of 9 years, culminating in a “flyby” of Pluto as it came within 7800 miles of the mysterious world, zipping by at more than 28,000 miles per hour. As the first transmissions of data and images reach Earth, scientists are already learning more than they ever knew. This got me thinking: too often as arts workers we’re so consumed … Read more

Chrome Inspect Element Device Emulator

Master Responsive Web Design With Chrome’s Device Emulator

One of the single most daunting problems arts orgs face when converting to responsive design is embracing the mobile first concept; meaning, you no longer envision website design from a desktop-only or desktop-first perspective. Instead, you need to begin with the mobile browser environment and work your out from there. Sure, that sounds great but who has a few dozen mobile devices laying around to see how your site looks and functions within all of those unique environments? Fortunately, Google’s Chrome browser comes to your rescue thanks to a remarkably versatile device … Read more

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