Teamwork Is More Than It’s Cracked Up to Be

9shares 3Share on Facebook 3Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 1 0As “non-profit-teers”, we have to do more with less. That’s underselling it I know, yet it’s a daily reality of the job. This isn’t something we lament, it’s a fact of our jobs that inspires us. It pushes us to use creativity and collaboration to be more and be better than we are today and it charges the efforts of our organizations to ascend to new and greater heights. My fellow ArtsHacker Sarah Marcynski penned a fantastic post titled, 10 Ways to … Read more

Reason 2

Review: Outlook for Mobile

12shares 2Share on Facebook 2Share on Twitter 4Share on LinkedIn 2 2 Question: Do you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer at work? If you work for a corporation that has an IT department, the answer undoubtedly has to be ‘yes’. When using Outlook on a Windows machine or on a Mac, I need an avalanche of Advil to get through reading and responding to the contents of in my inbox. Apple’s on iOS is perfectly functional, but it is by no means a fantastic tool. Android has several options for decent email … Read more

App Badges

The Case for Subscribed Google Calendars and Your Team’s Devices

9shares 4Share on Facebook 1Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 1 1I have a confession: I really don’t like app badges. If I see a badge on an app’s icon, I feel a strong need to respond or reply or act on that notification. To me, a clean screen of unadorned app icons is a beautiful thing, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Working to see no badges is part if my daily workflow, it motivates me to reply to an email from a community partner or a co-worker. I could of course, … Read more

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