Preparing For Outdoor Festivals and Performances

Ah Spring! The time when young arts organizations thoughts turn to …outdoor festivals. With the upcoming warm weather, it seems the time to offer some general tips about preparing and planning for outdoor festivals. More specifically, with crises that may arise. Even if you have been running a festival for awhile, these bear noting. I worked for a well organized outdoor arts and music festival that had been running for 12 years before I got there. For my first year, lucky number 13, my trial by fire was a trial by water … Read more

Tip: make sure you analyze pages that contain any table based content or forms.

Is Your Website Ready For Google’s Big Algorithm Change?

Tomorrow, 4/21/2015, is the day Google will fully implement the latest major change in its search algorithm and if your site isn’t prepared, you can expect a world of hurt via your search rankings. Simply put, it’s all about meeting Google’s new mobile friendly thresholds; if your site is what Google considers mobile friendly it is more likely to rank it higher in search results. Additionally, Google also plans to contain more relevant mobile content via those new standards in search results. A post via Google’s Webmaster Central blog from 2/26/2015 provides … Read more

4 Starter Tips for Creating Infographics

Infographics are everywhere right now.  A good one is quick to read, gives you the facts and figures clearly, and has some whimsy through the theme or the graphics that are used. Thinking about creating one for your next program book or solicitation letter?  Check out this post from Network for Good’s blog by Melissa Raimondi that shares four steps critical to making a successful infographic. Doing some of the research, data mining, and visualizing before putting mouse to screen can speed up your creative creation and make the final product much easier … Read more

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