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The 2016 Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study Is Here

Each year, the folks at Capacity Interactive publish the results of a comprehensive survey of digital marketing at arts organizations around the country.  The data provides not only information about what arts marketers are doing out in the field, but also can serve as a benchmark to see how your organization stacks up against your peers. Some key takeaways, as identified on Capacity’s website, are: Arts organizations are underinvesting in websites, particularly mobile experiences. 63% of organizations indicated they did not have enough budget to adequately maintain their websites. 39% of organizations … Read more

Stop With The Boring CTAs Already!

It is a proven fact that having an optimized CTA button on your landing page, website, or email drives engagement.  However, we tend to use the same text over and over again.  “Buy Tickets.” “Subscribe.” “Donate.” Maybe “Donate Here.” Pretty boring, right? Well, our friends over at Capacity Interactive have published a great little tool to spice up your CTA buttons. I know from personal experience that having the right text on that CTA button can dramatically increase clicks.  A few years ago, at Palm Beach Opera, I wasn’t getting very many … Read more

The 2015 Arts Industry Digital Benchmark Study

It’s here! The 2015 Arts Industry Digital Benchmark Study

Its that time of year! Capacity Interactive has just release their 2015 Arts Industry Digital Benchmark Study.  WOOT! Some key findings from the report: Organizations are investing more in digital, but challenges around funding and expertise are still limiting digital effectiveness. In 2015 more than half of organizations surveyed spent at least 21% of their paid media budget on digital. That’s up from 44% in 2014 and 34% in 2013. 63% still say that “not enough budget” is their main challenge. Social media, especially Facebook, has been strongly embraced by arts marketers. … Read more

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