If you are an artist and want to get noticed, follow these steps. In today’s cluttered digital space, it’s imperative for an artist to pump images, videos, and text out in a kaleidoscope of ways that tap into the zeitgeist of their target market.

When you develop content that aligns with your personal brand, your fan base will grow. The more fans you have, the more social clout you have when presenters consider booking you and the more leverage you have when negotiating fees (i.e. make more money by building brand dimension).

Below is a quick guide to ensure that you are building your brand dimension in key areas.

getting noticed checklist


Videos are obviously a powerful way to communicate, but many artists don’t have sufficient digital video content online to attract the attention of others. I’ve often found their videos are hard to find, entirely don’t exist, or not on sufficient platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, and even their own artist website).

Artists should have both their filmed performances and more casual discussion-type videos such as video blogs (vlogs). Fans need to see more than just a performance. Videos that delve into the personality and lifestyle of the artist are very valuable in adding dimension to the on-stage persona that is often limiting when only publishing that type of content. So, produce both performance videos and vlogs. I like to use the example of the Dutch DJ, Dannic. He vlogged his recent tour to China, creatively edited it, and added significant brand dimension.

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Think pieces (blog updates)

 Someone probably told you to “publish” content on your website somewhere along the road to becoming an artist in the 21st century. This is often scrappy in execution—piecemeal at best. It would behoove artists to share their artistic, personal, or professional ideas and anecdotes with others in a thoughtful manner. One of the best examples of this is the great British pianist, Stephen Hough’s blog. He goes into specific detail about his approach to art and the world.

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Lifestyle photos

Conventional artist headshots are limiting because they don’t capture the ethos and overarching lifestyle of an artist. I’d rather scroll through their Instagram account to get a sense of who they are both on and off stage.

Hire a photographer who specializes in lifestyle content or grab a friend with a good eye and a camera! Fans want to see artists in a personal way devoid of the traditional stage-audience divide.

Whether you agree or disagree with Beyoncé’s business model, it’s worth viewing her Instagram account featuring her new children. The power of image is important and she is clearly using this to her advantage—artfully displaying her personal life that deeply connects with her brand archetype.

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Remember, regularly publishing content is key! No one wants to see one great video, blog post, or photo followed by radio silence. Go out and get noticed, but invest your money in developing this content by doing it yourself or hiring professionals to manage the job for you.

About Jonathan Eifert

Jonathan Eifert represents arts organizations and classical musicians seeking to build their social equity through the fusion of traditional and new media. He specializes in concert promotion, social media management, organizational communications, press relations, and brand partnerships. Project highlights have included bolstering the social media platforms of star tenor Michael Fabiano through strategic content, generating key press placement for the Cleveland International Piano Competition, managing the Golandsky Institute's Summer Symposium at Princeton University, and rebranding the film series Living the Classical Life.

Jonathan previously worked at IMG Artists (London) and Astral (Philadelphia) before founding Jonathan Eifert Public Relations that serves clients throughout the U.S.

While living in London, Jonathan completed his Master of Arts degree in cultural policy and management (arts administration) from City, University of London—specializing in classical artists’ brands and their development. He holds his Bachelor of Music degree in piano from Cairn University and is an associate member of the Grammy Recording Academy.

For more info, visit jonathaneifert.com.

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