Activate Search Tracking

Activate Search Tracking: Another Change To Google Analytics Anyone Can Do (and everyone should)

Knowing what visitors are searching for at your site is one of the most useful metrics you have to tweak content, adjust navigation architecture, and improve conversion but by default, Google Analytics (GA) does not track visitor searches. So even though you may notice the default menu item for Site Search via your Reporting admin panel, don’t be surprised if you pop in and see a metrics big goose egg staring back at you. Activating ...

Chrome Inspect Element Device Emulator

Master Responsive Web Design With Chrome’s Device Emulator

[box style=”note”]There is a more recent version of this article available that includes updated instructions on how to activate and use this Google Chrome tool.[/box] One of the single most daunting problems arts orgs face when converting to responsive design is embracing the mobile first concept; meaning, you no longer envision website design from a desktop-only or desktop-first perspective. Instead, you need to begin with the mobile browser environment and work your out from there. ...

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SEO Doesn’t Have To Be The Pit Of Despair

Hey, back on May 11th, did you learn to stop worrying about SEO and love structured data? If you missed Drew’s post about improving your event search results in 15 minutes, go read it. Now! SEO is dead, long live structured data! But remember: So, if you’ve got a little time left over for traditional SEO (it’s just a flesh wound), make sure you first download the Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 3.0 from ...

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