Hidden Productivity Gems Adobe Fireworks Batch Image Processing

Hidden Productivity Gems: Adobe Fireworks Batch Image Processing

No doubt about it, Adobe Creative Cloud apps are all kinds of useful. Most arts managers tend to work with the Big 3: InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator but if you have access to the full suite or additional stand alone apps, one hidden gem waiting to be discovered is the batch processing tool inside Fireworks; even if you never use Fireworks for anything other than the batch processing tool, you’ll still boost your productivity by processing multiple images with nothing more than a few setup steps. A super-efficient use of batch processing … Read more

Stupid Google Trick: RGB to Hex

You probably know that Google search performs a number of functions natively, giving you information without requiring you to visit one of the search results that come up. For instance, you can enter in an equation such as 1716 + 216 into a Google search field, and you’ll get the answer above the search results, as well as an inline calculator for additional equations. Or as another example, you can type in “7 litres to gallons” for a quick conversion calculator. Recently they added a different kind of converter (h/t Engadget): color values. … Read more

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The Top 10 Web Design Mistakes We’re Still Making

The Nielsen Norman Group is made up of researchers who have literally written the books on user experience and usability. Their website is full of helpful articles that you can use to make improvements to your website that are supported by actual research and core to how humans interact with interfaces, not just what’s trendy and looks ‘current’. On October 30th they posted the article “Top 10 Enduring Web-Design Mistakes” that provides a great summary of persistent underlying issues we need to keep in mind when designing websites. A couple stuck out to … Read more

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