Lead Generation for Single Tickets

If you’re like most performing arts organizations, you have long stretches of time each year when not all of your tickets are on sale.  Whether that means that you put events on sale on a rolling schedule, or if you sell subscriptions first and then put all of your single tickets on sale later, you know what I mean. Here at Palm Beach Opera, we happened upon a great way to capture the information of people who want to purchase single tickets during the months when they’re not on sale.  The best … Read more

Marketing and Development – Friends in the Sandbox

This post comes to you from Target Resource Group, found on the NAMP website. Amelia Northrup-Simpson of TRG in her article “Marketing is from Mars; Development is from Venus” discusses how marketing and development teams need to work together to bring about the ultimate goal of patron loyalty. Her thoughts hit home for me, as someone who has worked for small, medium, and larger orchestras. At the medium-sized orchestra, marketing and development systems were different, but luckily, as the marketing director, I had a great relationship with our development director and we … Read more


DISCOUNTING: Be Proactive, Be Selective, Be Timely

Discounting can be a fabulous way of increasing audiences when done effectively and strategically. By offering discounts, you can bring in new patrons to your hall, reactivate patrons who haven’t attended in several years, or even help fill a concert that may not be expected to sell so well. Discounting should not be used as a panic button, however. Think strategically before you even begin your concert marketing to know what discounts you may want to offer, to whom, and when. You need to be prepared to offer the right discount to the … Read more