Why White Space Is Crucial To UX Design

Just the other day I came across this great article written by Jerry Cao and Kamil Zieba and Matt Ellis on Fast Company about website design. As arts organizations, we sometimes feel that we need to put a lot of information on every page of our website so that people can see everything we offer. However, we must resist that temptation and learn to love white space in order for our websites to be as effective as possible. All good visual artists understand the importance of negative space, the empty area that draws … Read more

The Facebook Trick You’re Probably Not Doing

It is clear that Facebook wants you to pay to have lots of people see your content.  Full disclosure: I myself am a big proponent of running organized, targeted Facebook campaigns because they really do work.  However, we can’t afford to pay for every post that we put on Facebook and here is where this little trick comes in. When you’re creating a post, have you ever noticed this little icon? If you click on it, it opens up some free organic targeting options for that post.  Now, you don’t get the … Read more

Its Like Google Alerts…On Steroids

With the current media landscape including so much more than just newspapers and magazines, I often find it difficult to keep up with who is talking about my organization and where.  We all use Google Alerts but they don’t catch everything.  Most of us use some sort of social media program that can show when people mention us but these are rarely comprehensive (think Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc.). Enter Mention.com.  I recently found Mention and really love it.  It gathers everything from all over the web, including blog posts, social media, and traditional … Read more