getting noticed checklist

Checklist For Getting Noticed

If you are an artist and want to get noticed, follow these steps. In today’s cluttered digital space, it’s imperative for an artist to pump images, videos, and text out in a kaleidoscope of ways that tap into the zeitgeist of their target market. When you develop content that aligns with your personal brand, your fan base will grow. The more fans you have, the more social clout you have when presenters consider booking you and the more leverage you have when negotiating fees (i.e. make more money by building brand dimension). … Read more

Buff Up Against Net Neutrality

A Stitch In Time Saves More Than Nine

With the fate of Net Neutrality still very much uncertain, it pays to begin thinking about ways you can marginalize any slowdowns in the light of potential deregulation. Regardless your level of technical expertise, here are some key areas you can address to tone up your websites. Stop Using Cheap Hosting If you pay for hosting directly, you need to make sure you aren’t using a bargain basement provider. Yes, $5/month looks great on your balance sheet but how is that going to stack up against lost revenue from users bouncing your … Read more

Download the free Basic Handbook for Ushers by Joe Patti

Basic Handbook for Ushering

One of the most important elements of the experience when attending a performing arts event is the audience interaction with the front of house staff: ushers, ticket office, concessions, merchandisers, parking attendants, etc. The experience people have with these staff members sets the tone for the entire event. A warm, efficient welcome can make mediocre performance seem better than it is but a great show can be soured five minutes after people walk in the door if they are poorly treated. I recently worked up a basic handbook for ushers I thought … Read more

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