Using Onboarding Techniques To Improve Web Engagement

18shares 2Share on Facebook 12Share on Twitter 2Share on LinkedIn 1 1If you’re looking for some low hanging fruit to improve online engagement with users, look no further than using an onboarding email campaign to introduce website visitors to key functions of your website. Ideally, you’re capturing user email info at your website; it might be via newsletter subscription or a new user registration. Regardless of which capture point it is, knowing that the lead came in through your website is a crucial step in determining if they are well suited for … Read more

What To Do After The Send

55shares 10Share on Facebook 37Share on Twitter 1Share on LinkedIn 4 3Ever feel like you are just sending out email after email, shouting your message at the top of your lungs over and over again to mixed results? The key is to make sure that you send follow-up emails to your patrons after you’ve sent the original sales email.  This keeps your message top of mind without simply sending the same thing over and over again. One of the simplest ways to send email follow-ups that get attention is to segment them by … Read more

better living through version control

Git With The Program And Don’t Stress When Deleting Stuff

24shares 1Share on Facebook 20Share on Twitter 0Share on LinkedIn 2 1There’s this sinking feeling you get when you delete a file or revise something you’ve been writing and forget to save. It’s like, “Wait, what did I just click OK about?” The system asks you if you are sure and you get so used to clicking OK, that you just do. That’s when you realize you just agreed that your hard work can be safely deleted forever. Maybe you immediately open Google and try find someone that knows how to recover … Read more

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