Detailed Image Analysis

An Already Great Tool Just Got Better: Image Analysis

We took a deep dive into in December, 2016 to uncover how it can help you improve page loading times for your website. Recently, they released a new feature in the form of a detailed Image Analysis tool. To use the new tool, begin by running a standard test. Once the results are generated, select the “Image Analysis” link in the summary navigation row: A new tab will open and you’ll see a notice about analyzing the image results. When complete, you’ll see detailed results for each image on the page; … Read more

ain't no party like a stats party

The 2016 Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study Is Here

Each year, the folks at Capacity Interactive publish the results of a comprehensive survey of digital marketing at arts organizations around the country.  The data provides not only information about what arts marketers are doing out in the field, but also can serve as a benchmark to see how your organization stacks up against your peers. Some key takeaways, as identified on Capacity’s website, are: Arts organizations are underinvesting in websites, particularly mobile experiences. 63% of organizations indicated they did not have enough budget to adequately maintain their websites. 39% of organizations … Read more

Break Out Of Dull @Org Mailbox Names

Break Out Of Dull @Org Mailbox Names

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]First and foremost, every organization should have at least one general mailbox name on hand. Yes, personal mailbox names are great (provided attrition isn’t too high) and following that, departmental addresses are also useful. Your group needs at least one generic mailbox name to use for the slew of third party provider accounts you’ll need that can always be accessed or recovered regardless of attrition (here’s why). Having said that, there’s no reason anyone needs to use dull “info@” style mailbox names. After all, we’re supposed to be creative, dynamic, clever arts … Read more