Establishing Speed And Performance Benchmarks

ArtsHacker’s Guide To Combating Post Net Neutrality Slowdowns: Establishing Speed And Performance Benchmarks

In order to get the most out of your optimization efforts and counteract post net neutrality slowdowns, you need to have a reliable starting point to use as a frame of reference. That process begins with taking a series of page speed performance benchmark snapshots. To that end, there are several powerful tools available that are also free to use. The first two offer free user accounts that come in handy when you want to save test histories to reference down the road. You can’t make a bad choice and I recommend you … Read more

Detailed Image Analysis

An Already Great Tool Just Got Better: Image Analysis

We took a deep dive into in December, 2016 to uncover how it can help you improve page loading times for your website. Recently, they released a new feature in the form of a detailed Image Analysis tool. To use the new tool, begin by running a standard test. Once the results are generated, select the “Image Analysis” link in the summary navigation row: A new tab will open and you’ll see a notice about analyzing the image results. When complete, you’ll see detailed results for each image on the page; … Read more

One Of The Best Free Tools You Can Use To Measure Page Speed

One Of The Best Free Tools You Can Use To Measure Page Speed

It should come as no surprise that your website page load speed has a direct impact on conversions (revenue, social, and feedback). At the same time, there’s a lot of information about there about load times and wading through all of it to weed out the few knowledge needles in a haystack of opinion can be tough. But one resource that’s worth your time which approaches the topic in an accessible format that provides value for both beginners and intermediate users is the series on website speed from WPEngine is a … Read more