How to Increase Page Likes from 2,000 to 32,000

How To Increase Page Likes From 2,000 To 32,000

There is one metric you can “throw down” that is often impressive to listening ears. No matter what level in the arts hierarchy you may be placed, having a large number of Facebook page likes overall is essential. It pleases board members, donors, presenters (if you are an artist), and the general public. This is possible through Facebook page promotion. Over the past year I had been tasked to improve the social profiles of the ...

The Most Creative People in Arts Administration

Do You Know A Creative Arts Administrator?

In our lives as arts administrators, it is all about the art, right? Everything we do is to showcase the art and the artists, whether they be opera singers, ballet dancers, violinists, painters, etc.  And when recognition comes, it is usually related to the art like reviews and awards. But what about all of the hard work that goes in to getting people to see the art?  What about all of us working “behind the ...

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Would You Spend $147 On That Meeting?

Recently, you learned about meeting scheduler tools from Ceci Dadisman but do you ever wonder how much it costs in labor to hold that meeting? Thanks to a handy web app from Harvard Business Review, you can find out in less than a minute. The web app is fully responsive so it works in all browsers across all major devices; meaning no need to download platform specific apps (hooray!). It’s designed as a mobile first ...