Design Time

Ka-Kaow! It’s Time for Design Enhancements

Since its launch in December, 2015 ArtsHacker has grown a great deal and all of the new content and features floating around have reached a point where they demand an enhanced layout and design in order to make it easier for you to find all of these great articles and reference material. Let’s take a quick tour of what’s new. MEGA MENU NAVIGATION The biggest improvement is the addition of a mega menu, which provides much needed improvement to overall user experience. These are the large panels that fly open when you … Read more

Being Diverse and Inclusive The Other 11 Months Of The Year

Being Diverse and Inclusive The Other 11 Months Of The Year

The new season is upon and I’m sure many community engagement managers out there spent the summer making plans for a variety of initiatives.  Probably high on that list were “diversity initiatives”. If you google “diversity”, the definition is “variety; a range of things.” Nowhere in there does it say “putting people of different skin tones into theater/concert hall/museum seats,” but in so many organizations, both in the arts world and non-arts world, that is what the definition means. And if we’re in fine and performing arts aka high-art organizations (and especially … Read more

Light Choices Weigh Heavily

When backstage technical staff have a negative interaction with performers, they will frequently mutter something along the lines of “if not for us, you would be shouting yourself hoarse on a bare stage in the dark,” noting that lighting, sound amplification and sets don’t happen by magic. The technical elements of a show are often overlooked because short of explosions and things flying around,  if they are done well, you shouldn’t really notice them. Consequently, it is easy to assume these things are easily accomplished… …until you actually try. Those who provide … Read more

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