Finance Cheat Sheet

An Executive Director’s Guide To Financial Leadership

Several months into the Executive Director position, I’m still hungry for great articles on the financial side of nonprofits. This one popped up on my Twitter feed last night from NonProfit Quarterly, and although the article is almost five years old, it’s a great tool for mapping out a financial plan for your organization. At the end of the article, this statement really hit home for me – “Executive directors learn that leading a nonprofit requires a constant balancing of current needs, external demands, and long-term vision.” I also appreciated their definition … Read more

Can You Double Your Clicks with the Jeopardy Effect

Can You Double Your Clicks With The Jeopardy Effect?

I recently came across this oldie but goodie on Roger Dooley’s Neuromarketing blog and wanted to share.  (If you don’t follow Roger on social media or regularly read his blog, you should do so immediately. He is awesome!) Do you want more clicks on your tweets? Or, on your marketing links in emails or ads? Or, if you are a blogger, journalist, or content writer, could you do with more traffic to your articles? A new study by researchers at the BI Norwegian Business School demonstrates that phrasing headlines in a particular … Read more

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