154 Essential Social Media Definitions

OMG, RT, and #: 154 Essential Social Media Definitions

“Ermahgerd, she totally creeped my pins and then RT’d them all!” Need a translator for that? Thanks to social media, new terms are appearing constantly. And if you’re managing your organization’s social media, managing your own, or just want to know what all the kids are talking about these days, then you’ll likely need a social media dictionary of some sort.* Luckily social media managing site, Hootsuite has a you and your tweeps covered.  Published by Matt Foulger, The 2014 Social Media Glossary: 154 Essential Definitions is a working document that covers social … Read more

Board Service. All About the Gs.

The Old Gs I was recently very encouraged to read the idea “that [non-profit] boards must be packed with influential connectors” is becoming increasingly obsolete. Learning this was a relief to me, and probably a lot of people, who have worked in arts organizations where board membership was often defined by the narrow philosophy of “get, give or get off” – essentially, solicit donations, make a donation or get off the board. It might be forgiven then if you viewed the purpose of a board of directors to be fund raising. The … Read more

Emerging Arts Leaders 10 Years Later…Now What?

I’ve been in arts marketing for 14 years now. I started my arts marketing career at age 28 at a 2000-seat auditorium that mostly acted as a rental house, but also presented some music and theatre acts. I spent four years there learning the ins and outs of the entertainment and arts fields. Soon after, I joined the orchestra field and am now working for my third orchestra. I know I am no longer that ‘emerging’ arts leader that I was 10 years ago. Most organizations define an emerging arts leader as … Read more

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