A Wonderful Outlook-Gmail Archive Solution

Being a Mac OS person working in a Windows dominated office environment is not always easy. Mac versions of software written for Windows machines are rarely great. It is a challenge to keep my workflow smooth while using a Mac as my main machine at the office. In my former job, we used Kerio Connect for our email services. Kerio saves the organization a healthy amount of money when compared to Microsoft’s Exchange, but with those savings come some big challenges. Not specifically due to Kerio, but a challenge in the workplace nonetheless, is email storage space. Our IT … Read more

The Arts Manager’s Christmas Wish List

Ok, we know – budgets are always tight in the non-profit arts sector, but we can dream, right? Fellow ArtsHacker Drew McManus put together his letter to Santa over at Adaptistration, and here’s my last minute wish-list this year: Adobe Creative Cloud membership Maybe it’s just me, but having the latest and greatest software and hardware does make me feel good. (I wouldn’t turn down a new 5K iMac either, if Santa’s feeling generous…) Coffee AKA “Lifeblood” AKA “The only reason the season brochure gets done on time” An Email Free Day I’m the … Read more

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