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Review: Outlook for Mobile

Question: Do you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer at work? If you work for a corporation that has an IT department, the answer undoubtedly has to be ‘yes’. When using Outlook on a Windows machine or on a Mac, I need an avalanche of Advil to get through reading and responding to the contents of in my inbox. Apple’s on iOS is perfectly functional, but it is by no means a fantastic tool. Android has several options for decent email apps and Gmail for Android integrates with Gmail amazingly well. Currently no … Read more

A Wonderful Outlook-Gmail Archive Solution

Being a Mac OS person working in a Windows dominated office environment is not always easy. Mac versions of software written for Windows machines are rarely great. It is a challenge to keep my workflow smooth while using a Mac as my main machine at the office. In my former job, we used Kerio Connect for our email services. Kerio saves the organization a healthy amount of money when compared to Microsoft’s Exchange, but with those savings come some big challenges. Not specifically due to Kerio, but a challenge in the workplace nonetheless, is email storage space. Our IT … Read more