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Master Responsive Web Design With Chrome’s Device Mode RELOADED

Along with death and taxes, you can be certain that Goggle will update the integrated tools inside its Chrome browser. One of the latest updates includes enhancements to their device emulator, a feature we covered in detail via an article from 7/15/2015. You can visit that post to better understand why this tool is important and how it will help you master the art of responsive web design, but today’s post is going to cover the nuts-and-bolts for the functionality updates. Toggle On Device Mode The device emulator, now called “Device Mode,” … Read more

Are You Experiencing A WordPress Menu Bug Inside Chrome? If So, Here’s The Fix

If you’re running the most recent version of Google’s Chrome browser and you’re a WordPress user, you may be noticing some unusual behavior vis-a-vis your admin menus in that they shift around, disappear, and are otherwise difficult to pin down when hovering over them. Good news is that it isn’t just you or someone playing a prank, it’s a legitimate bug. This is the result of a conflict between Chrome and the latest version of WordPress and although Google is working on a fix, you have a few options in the meantime: … Read more

Chrome Inspect Element Device Emulator

Master Responsive Web Design With Chrome’s Device Emulator

One of the single most daunting problems arts orgs face when converting to responsive design is embracing the mobile first concept; meaning, you no longer envision website design from a desktop-only or desktop-first perspective. Instead, you need to begin with the mobile browser environment and work your out from there. Sure, that sounds great but who has a few dozen mobile devices laying around to see how your site looks and functions within all of those unique environments? Fortunately, Google’s Chrome browser comes to your rescue thanks to a remarkably versatile device … Read more

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