It’s Official: Click Click Done Was The #1 RANKED SESSION Among #NAMPC 2015 Attendees!


By: Drew McManus

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#1 ranked NAMPC 2015 session

We are so pleased to learn that the Click.Click.Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills session at the 2015 National Arts Marketing Project Conference was ranked as the #1 session among session attendees!

The session was developed by Arts Hacker Editor-in-Chief Drew McManus along with contributors Ceci Dadisman and Marc van Bree and designed to be a very hands-on type of experience where attendees put lessons into motion in real time.

National Arts Marketing Project Manager, Laura Kakolewski, was kind enough to share the following information as well as attendee responses. We would like to thank everyone who attended the session for the fantastic feedback along with extending our gratitude to Ms. Kakolweski and all of her colleagues who make the conference such a fantastic annual event.

In this year’s survey, respondents were asked to select from a list which session(s) they attended at #NAMPC 2015, rank their preferred session, and give an overall response for satisfaction. I am thrilled to let you know that Click. Click. Done. was ranked as the #1 session among those who ranked the sessions in which they attended. I am going to let these responses speak for themselves. ~ Laura Kakolewski

Click Click Done was really overdue and useful. Speakers were lively and provided great content.

The Sunday session on Google Analytics — this was the information I needed to make this work for me. I had asked for sessions on Google Analytics after the last two conferences and was SO pleased that there were two sessions! Both exceeded my expectations and gave me tools I can use right now.

Google Analytics session. Very good information that can be put to use immediately. Well organized and presented

Google Analytics with Drew, Ceci and Marc was far and away the most useful in terms of “we are going to teach you a useful skill” – the practical application is a nice complement to all of the big ideas and data.

Click Click Done stood out the most, as they provided a comprehensive resource to which I can refer back long after the conference, and the panelists were all responsive to questions during and after the session, both in person and via Twitter.

Click, Click Done: Developing Your Google Analytics Skills, the presenters were fantastic! They had an appropriate amount of information for all levels of abilities and experience. I came into this session with some experience with GA and still learnt a lot. The speakers also left attendees with a fantastic website resource!

The google analytics session was good. While much of the info was familiar, I wish I had, had that session five years ago when I was trying to figure it out on my own. They also alerted me to some features that are new and/or that I’m underutilizing.

Session on Google Analytics. They asked us to bring out computers and they showed us what we needed to know

Click, Click, Done! – NOW I get Google Analytics! Lots of great tools that can be started immediately. Looking forward to Click, Click, TWO at a future conference.

Click. Click. Done. Developing Your Google Analytics Skills. At my organization, I manage 3 websites and I am constantly trying to find ways to use them more efficiently and make them more user friendly. We have Google Analytics set up on all 3 websites, however I didn’t understand how to read the reports. This session really opened my eyes to the mechanics and the uses of our websites, and I plan to use Google Analytics more in the future when it comes to redesigning the sites.

Click, Click, Done. Made me realize I need to pay much more attention to Google Analytics and it finally got me to apply for the AdWords grant.

Really liked the group that gave the early morning session on Google Analytics – they definitely brought a presentation that everyone could learn from. They should be brought back again, because I think their information will still be timely and relevant.

Also, each of the panelists from the Click, Click, Done/Google Analytics sessions were extremely helping in providing a web resource for future use, walked the attendees through various procedures, and were clear and not overwhelming with technical detail in their explanations.

Ceci Dadisman of the Click. Click. Done. session – super specific but still engaging.

Drew McManus & Ceci Dadisman These three were fantastic, inspiring and I believe their message was applicable to groups of all sizes.

Click. Click. Done. was one of the most informative and well broken down presentations I’ve ever attended. They made Google Analytics accessible even for someone who hates numbers!

Ceci Dadisman, Drew McManus, and Marc Van Bree. All three of these speakers in the Google Analytics session were incredibly well prepared and presented some great information for all skill levels to use and implement in their organizations.

Ceci Dadisman, Drew McManus, and Mark van Bree were very engaging, very well-prepared, and very informative. The presentation had a good flow and was organized effectively.

Ceci Dadisman, Drew McManus, Mark Van Bree – smart, capable communicators sharing relevant information at a good pace and fit a lot of quality info into an hour, website was huge bonus.

Drew McManus- Brilliant analytic mind and yet knew we’re not natural analysts and that we learn from doing, not just listening.; Ceci Dadisman – she gets it! Knows what it’s like to be an arts marketer and knew the best advice on how to manage analytics in our orgs.

Ceci Dadisman – she broke complex google analytics down to easy to understand and implement tasks, for people of all user levels too.

Drew McManus – Click, Click Done This gave me the most food for thought – I really need to get comfortable with analytics and this will help me do so.


In addition to structuring the session to function as a type of live ArtsHacker skills building event, we used the opportunity to introduce an entirely new concept to the conference in the form of a dedicated SessionSYNC microsite.


Since most attendees were actively working on the session tutorials via a laptop, having the Session Sync open via their mobile device (or even another laptop browser tab) made it easy to access the content without distracting from what they were there to learn. The touch screen focus was exactly what needed and made it super easy for users to slide around between elements in the single page design but we made sure to add a slide out menu that contained shortcut anchor links to each major section.

All of this meant a user never had to sit and wait for a page load other than the one on the initial site visit. This meant the site wasn’t only fast, but downright seamless.

All in all, the site was a great deal of fun to design and build; the entire project used resources on hand (including the animations) so there were zero out of pocket expenses and the only other resource was simply time. Moreover, since the site was hosted as a subdomain install at, it not only serves as a handy ongoing resource for the existing content, but it can easily be reconfigured for future NAMPC events as needed.

In the end, it is gratifying to see that the ideals which guide content, “forget the conceptual stuff, people just need to get stuff done,” was capable of generating a session that turned out to be such a hit with NAMPC attendees.

Drew McManus
Drew McManus
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