Facebook Groups For Pages Is Here!


A couple of months ago, Facebook announced the roll out of Groups for Pages; a much-requested feature by Page Admins.

Groups for Pages allows a Group to be created by a Page, rather than needing the Admin of a page to create the group using their personal information.  This is great for organizations who have a need for Group functionality but want to keep everything on-brand.

Check out what Facebook’s Chief Product Officer had to say about the launch and how The Washington Post is already using the feature to boost engagement:

Like so many things we build, this came out of a pattern of emergent behavior on Facebook that was new and interesting – and in retrospect, obvious. Terri Rupar and Teddy Amenabar at The Washington Post started a group called PostThis – from The Washington Post, where reporters talk directly to the most avid fans of the paper about how stories come together. It was a digital version of letters to the editor, but with ongoing real-time discussions. The fans loved it and we heard from the Post that it was a success, connecting the newsroom with their most avid readers, and their avid readers with each other.

You can also read an article on AdWeek about the feature here.

Facebook Groups for Pages Is Here

I can already think of how arts organizations can leverage this feature to create groups for:

  • Former Young Artists
  • Volunteers
  • Super Fans
  • Young Professionals
  • Board Members
  • Local Social Media Superstars
  • Tweet Seat-ers
  • New Repertoire
  • Annual Gala
  • Free/Outdoor Concert Attendees
  • Education Programs

The list is almost endless.

How would your organization utilize a group for engagement? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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