Setting Up Facebook Business Manager

Have you set up Facebook Business Manager for your organization yet?  If not, you are missing out on one of Facebook’s best new features for businesses and organizations. Facebook Business Manager is an easy way to manage your Facebook pages, ads accounts, and the people who have access to them. So, you can allow certain members of your staff or vendors have different permissions.  For instance, you could allow certain staff members to post on your pages, but not give them access to your ad account.  If you have a vendor who assists … Read more

What Is Peach And Should I Be On It?

Have you heard about Peach? Peach is a new social network that just launched and has been gaining major traction over the past couple of weeks. So, what is it, you ask?  It is like a combination of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Slack.  When you sign up, you have your own profile where you can post images, videos, gifs, and text. Like Facebook, you have “friends” and can send and accept friend requests. Like Instagram, you have your own feed where people can view the content that you’ve posted. Similar to Slack, … Read more

An easy way to make animated GIFs

Breaking news! Giphy has just launched their super simple GIF Maker.  If you’re not familiar with Giphy, it is a site where you can find and share animated GIFs.   Many have been waiting for them to add this service to their site as it is a logical extension of what they do. So, this morning I tried out the new GIF Maker and here’s how it works: First you select a video link from which you want to create a GIF. (I chose a video from The Met’s recent production of … Read more

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