What Jeff Bezos Can Teach Arts Organizations


Recently, Business Insider published Jeff Bezos’ latest letter to Amazon shareholders.  As I read it, I kept thinking how applicable his words are to arts organizations.

As arts administrators, we often exist in our own nonprofit arts organization bubble and compare ourselves only to what others in our industry are doing.  Of course, it is important to know what our peers are doing, but this is a dangerous practice because there is so much to be learned from broadening our view. More importantly, we must always remember that our patrons are not comparing us just to other arts organizations, but to every other brand they interact with through the course of their lives.

What Jeff Bezos Can Teach Arts OrganizationsI urge you to read the letter in full, but here are some key points:

  • “Obsessive customer focus” is the best approach.
  • “Customers are always beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied, even when they report being happy and business is great. Even when they don’t yet know it, customers want something better…”
  • “Good process serves you so you can serve customers. But if you’re not watchful, the process can become the thing…The process becomes the proxy for the result you want. You stop looking at outcomes and just make sure you’re doing the process right.”
  • Death is around the corner if “you won’t or can’t embrace powerful trends quickly. If you fight them, you’re probably fighting the future. Embrace them and you have a tailwind.”
  • “You have to somehow make high-quality, high-velocity decisions.”
  • “You need to be good at quickly recognizing and correcting bad decisions. If you’re good at course correcting, being wrong may be less costly than you think, whereas being slow is going to be expensive for sure.”

Look, I know that it sometimes takes time for us to implement real change at our organizations. However, we need to start taking steps, however small, to ensure that we aren’t faced with, in Bezos’ words, “irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline.”

About Ceci Dadisman

Ceci is a multi-faceted marketing professional with over 10 years of experience successfully marketing the arts, nonprofits, and small businesses utilizing innovative and cutting-edge initiatives. She is nationally recognized as a leader in digital and social media marketing and specializes in the integration of digital marketing and technology into traditional marketing methods.

She is on the National Arts Marketing Project Advisory Committee, the Arts Midwest Conference Professional Development Committee, is the Immediate Past President of Femfessionals West Palm Beach, the Immediate Past President of the South Florida Chapter of the American Marketing Association, and served for many years as the OPERA America Marketing Network Chair. She was recently appointed to the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts Visiting Committee.

Ceci was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from West Virginia University with a music degree in vocal performance.

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