5 Resolutions for ’15


By: Phil Paschke

By now you’re fully back in the post-holiday work groove, but it’s never too late to make (or follow through) on some 2015 resolutions to make sure that groove doesn’t become a rut. With the sense that there’s probably always room for improvement in these areas, here are 5 resolutions we can all get behind in 2015:

1. Adopt the Email Charter

Yeah, I know – I mentioned this in my Christmas Wish List too. But these 10 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral go a long way to making each day a little more productive.

2. Schedule 45 minute meetings

You’ll likely get the same amount done as in an hour-long meeting, so it’s just a bit of incentive to waste a little less time. Of course, for it to work everyone has to be on time and focused on the agenda…

3. Listen more

You might have planned out and scheduled your social media posts through April 2016, but make sure you take a little time each day to actually listen to what your customers (and potential customers) are saying on social media and observe how they’re using it. It’s not a one-way communication tool!

4. Think like a customer

When you’re immersed in the culture of your organization, it’s easy to lose the outsider’s perspective. Take some time to role-play as your own best and worst customers. You might find that the ticket exchange policy that’s been on the books since 2003 isn’t really friendly to either group.

5. Make data-driven decisions

These days getting data and metrics is often the easy part; changing up the tried-and-not-true-anymore tactics takes a bit more effort.

Here’s to a great year of arts and culture in 2015!

2015 resolutions


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