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Managing Micro-Management

Many people have horror stories about working for a supervisor that micro-manages their work. While that may be a hellish experience, it is even worse if you are the executive officer of an organization that has multiple board members attempting to micro-manage you. Even if everyone on the board isn’t interfering, others may be providing tacit support or reluctant to oppose what they see as the majority will. A few months back Ellis Carter provided some good advice about how to deal with a micro-managing board. In her view: Sometimes, micro managing … Read more

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Tracking Clickthroughs with Custom Links [2017]

Just over two years ago I posted about tracking clickthroughs with custom links made using a super simple tool provided by Google that integrates perfectly with Google Analytics. Since Google has recently updated their documentation it’s an excellent opportunity to bring it up again with the updated link, as it’s still as useful as ever! To recap: The Google URL builder helps you create custom URLs that allow you to track up to five parameters for each and every link you use, right in your GA account. It’s quite simple and might … Read more

How To Create A Promo Video For An Orchestra With A Union Media Agreement

Creating A Promo Video For An Orchestra With A Union Media Agreement

Video content is a superb way to garner engagement on Facebook. Clearly, you can use videos to promote across social media, but it works particularly well on Facebook. Recently, I was tasked by the Allentown Symphony Orchestra to promote their concerts. One concert featured the three-time Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis playing with the ASO. Perhaps other marketing people can empathize when I say it’s hard to create from nothing. In other words, what does a marketing/communications/PR person do when there is barely any video footage that’s legally allowed to be published? … Read more

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