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Creative Manager Update 2.0

The panel has completed their voting* and the recipients for our inaugural Most Creative People in Arts Administration program have been selected. We decided to publish those names next week in order to reach out to those individuals first. Thanks to everyone for your patience! * we used Ranked Choice Voting method!

Ranked Choice Voting

Get Your Vote On…The Ranked Choice Way

In light of an Electoral College with an unusually high degree of scrutiny, it seems fitting to point out a voting system that could be better options for your needs than the traditional simple majority plurality ballot: Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Also known as instant-runoff voting or preferential voting, allows voters to rank candidates/options by order of choice. It’s flexible enough to work for both single winner and multiple seat style elections and helps marginalize hard feelings when the results are close. FairVote.com provides some wonderfully useful resources that explain the benefits … Read more

You Down With UGC?

You Down With UGC?

Utilizing user generated content (UGC) is a great way for organizations to not only stay top of mind, but also to take advantage of a little digital word-of-mouth marketing. A recent study found that only six per cent of people surveyed trusted traditional advertising and over three-quarters of those surveyed state they prefer looking at user-generated images. This isn’t surprising to me at all. We’re much more likely to pay attention to a recommendation made by a friend than to an obvious marketing message.  If I see a friend of mine post a … Read more