Don’t Be Too Quick To Paint That Mural

One of the ways communities are using arts and creativity to revitalize buildings and downtown districts are murals on buildings. However, not all surfaces are suited for murals. The best intentions of contributing to a more attractive, welcoming streetscape may result in the building owner regretting their decision. The Historic Preservation Commission for Loveland, CO has created a webpage and downloadable publication warning about the damage and potential structural issues that may result in painting the old ...

how i get things done drew mcmanus

I’m Drew McManus, ArtsHacker Editor-In-Chief. This Is How I Get Things Done.

When your business covers everything from data analysis, to communication, to programming and design, it is easy to get overwhelmed with stuff to get those jobs done. At one point in time, my solutions to those tasks centered on expansion: bigger work surfaces, more peripherals, dedicated equipment, fancier chairs, etc. Somewhere along the way, all of that stuff started to have a counterproductive impact on day to day efficiency so the new goal became work smarter with fewer tools of higher quality.

How I Get Things Done


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