Level Up the Net Assets Portion of Your Balance Sheet

Accounting software will come “out of the box” with at least two accounts within the Equity (or Net Assets, in nonprofit terminology) section of your Statement of Financial Position (also called the balance sheet): Retained Earnings and Net Revenue. In a nonprofit context, Retained Earnings might be renamed Unrestricted Net Assets. None of the day-to-day bookkeeping entries, whether logging a ticket sale, a donor pledge, the collection on that pledge, an artist’s fee payment, the …


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War Cemeteries Are The Most Entertaining Places In The World, Just Not In The Way You Define It

Did you know according to surveys conducted a few months ago, the most entertaining performance based organization in the world is the Sydney Opera House, followed by the Hollywood Bowl and the most entertaining exhibit based organization in the world is the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial followed by the Gettysburg National Military Park? If you are thinking, geez, people have a pretty morbid conception of what is entertaining if they are listing two military …

How To Deactivate Chrome’s New Annoying Discarded Tab Ring Treatment

If you use Chrome, you’ve likely seen the recent update adding a ring around the favicon in inactive open tabs. Unfortunately, this alteration renders the icon unreadable, defeating the purpose of having icons in tabs. This frustration escalates for Chrome users who habitually keep several dozen tabs open simultaneously. The good news is there’s a way to deactivate it and it’s a very straightforward process. Here’s how tabs look with the new default inactive ring …

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Depreciation Basics for Non-Profit Arts Organizations

Depreciation, in the accounting sense, is the bookkeeping process of lowering the value of something that your organization owns over time. It is generally applied to physical or tangible objects that an organization uses long-term. Disclaimer: What is a blog post about a legal or financial topic without a disclaimer? This is not legal advice. You should not be getting your legal advice from a blog post. The purpose of this post is to give …


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