Let’s Talk About Press Kits

Let’s talk about Press Kits. I’ve seen so many artists fumble when it comes to providing a good press kit with the necessary photos or biography needed for a marketer. And it’s not just artists, I’ve worked with agents who are also doing things that are a roadblock to marketers. So let’s look at how you can better market yourself as a performer, composer, or any kind of artist with your Press Kit.

Don’t Be Too Quick To Paint That Mural

One of the ways communities are using arts and creativity to revitalize buildings and downtown districts are murals on buildings. However, not all surfaces are suited for murals. The best intentions of contributing to a more attractive, welcoming streetscape may result in the building owner regretting their decision. The Historic Preservation Commission for Loveland, CO has created a webpage and downloadable publication warning about the damage and potential structural issues that may result in painting the old ...

Conference Review: SphinxConnect

In late January 2024, your correspondent attended the Sphinx Organization’s SphinxConnect in Detroit, Michigan. The conference is billed as “the largest and longest-standing convening dedicated to diversity and inclusion in classical music” and there were over a thousand people gathered in Detroit with many more viewing plenary sessions and other selected portions of the conference online. The streamed content should be available for on-demand viewing at Sphinx’s YouTube channel later this winter. This review consists solely of my ...

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