New Research Into Nonprofit Staff Compensation


By: Drew McManus

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There’s an excellent article in the 6/12/2019 edition of by Ben Paynter that examines two recent studies on nonprofit staff compensation. Spoiler alert: both studies uncovered ample evidence that compensation is a strong pain point among most employees.

We conducted our own bit of reader research back in 2016 on how and why arts admins change jobs and sure enough, compensation was tied for the most common reason.

How And Why Arts Managers Change Jobs

But one metric that has consistently eluded the field is the rate of change between staff and executive pay levels. Unlike executive compensation, most staffers and middle managers earn far below required reporting levels by the IRS and I have yet to see any of the major service organizations track this data or make it publicly available.

If that weren’t enough, look at the number of likes and replies generated by two recent tweets from the always sharp @ArtsAdminSay Twitter account, both of which focused on compensation topics.

This field loves to talk about sustainable business models, but how much worse does this situation need to become before it can get better?

Drew McManus
Drew McManus
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