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The next ArtsHacker run conference session is this Sunday, Nov. 11, in Seattle for the 2018 National Arts Marketing Project Conference (#NAMPC).

ArtsHacker editor-in-chief, Drew McManus, and senior contributor, Ceci Dadisman, will be co-hosting a session on Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew About Writing An RFP (Plus The Stuff They Want To Keep Secret).

Session Description

Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough confidence to know if the proposal you get from tech providers is a meaningful bid or just a bunch of techy BS? Wouldn’t it be swell if you didn’t have to be afraid of throwing good money after bad, because you realize too late the questions you should have asked?

Most arts managers would rather write grant proposals that require seven years of detailed financials than deal with tech-based RFPs. Most of the geek-speak and platform considerations fall well outside their wheelhouse, which means the odds are slim to successfully write an RFP capable of producing the solution they want and need.

This session will pull back the curtain on how tech providers craft their proposals and the questions arts managers should be asking. But crafting an RFP and evaluating proposals is a two-way street. Getting a good provider means being a good client. Attendees will learn how to get tech providers the information they really need to provide meaningful and authentic proposals. They’ll also learn about valuable options to traditional RFPs that could save them heartache and money.

If you’re attending the conference, be sure to connect and say hello or set aside some time to talk shop. It’s such a treat to meet readers face-to-face and this is a great conference that serves a broad cross section of the nonprofit arts and culture sector.

One of the best ways to make contact is to reach out to either Drew or Ceci via Twitter:

As always, you’ll find a follow-up article with an embed of the session slide deck after we return.

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